Ambassador Stories: How I built out my CV during the pandemic

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November 9, 2021
Over the past two years, the UK job market has been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. Especially for students who are trying to lay the foundations for their CV and find their first job! Despite the difficult two years, I've found some ways to fill up my CV, and I'm going to share all!

Seasonal work

Due to the restrictions lifting in 2021, I was able to get some summer work! Summer work is excellent because it means you can work longer hours than is possible in term time, meaning more experience and income!

If an office environment doesn't appeal to you; there are usually more opportunities to work outdoors, so why not enjoy the great outdoors!

As Christmas is a busy time of year for the retail sector, often stores will want to recruit Christmas temporary workers. If your Christmas temporary work is successful, this may lead to future opportunities within the company. It also looks great on your CV as it shows that you can work under pressure and in a busy environment!

CV Tip: Temporary work will highlight your flexibility and adaptability, improve your set of transferable skills and give you experience in multiple areas - some of which you may really enjoy!

Virtual work experience

Who hasn't struggled to find work experience? I discovered Springpod after seeing other people completing a range of different programmes on social media.

  • Springpod is a virtual work experience website where you can find virtual work experience programmes for different careers and subjects! From psychology to dentistry and social media marketing to finance. 
  • It's completely free to sign up, and you even get a certificate when you've completed it which looks great on your CV and LinkedIn! So far, I've completed three different virtual work experience programmes: Marketing, Consulting and Social Media Marketing.

CV Tip: At the end of each Springpod virtual work experience programme, you are provided with a list of all the things you have achieved and learned throughout the programme. The list can be added to your CV, showcasing exactly what you learnt in the programme to employers - a quick and easy win!  

Creating social media content

There are endless amounts of opportunities to create different types of content through social media platforms. Using platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook, you can create valuable and memorable content.

Types of content you could create:

  • How to
  • Educational
  • Graphic designs and edited content
  • Vlog and blog content
  • Your own business content

And more!

Through Instagram, I have created content to help out GCSE and A-level students by making informative posts and fun reels. I've been able to use my knowledge to help and inspire other people!

CV Tip: Creating social media content can also demonstrate fantastic employability skills such as organisation, motivation and resourcefulness. It can also highlight your creativity and your ability to adapt to new trends and ideas which may appear.

Other online courses

There are many online courses you can find which are related to the subject field or career you are interested in; these can vary in length from one to 40 hours long, and they are great for highlighting how willing you are to get involved and learn something new. Some courses may include a certificate which you may then be able to put on your CV! 

Some websites to find online courses from:

  • Futurelearn
  • Open Learn
  • Edx
  • Udemy

CV Tip: By doing online courses, you're showing employers that you go above and beyond to do extracurricular activities to further your learning. It also shows your initiative to do tasks outside of your schoolwork. 


By doing all of these things, I've managed to get a job in retail! Even though I've never experienced a job in retail before, I would like to think that my determination outside of school and the achievements I've made throughout the last two years have really helped me! Try out some of the things on this list and add them to your CV!

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