Ambassador Stories: Never say never

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December 3, 2021
While completing my GCSE’s I kept thinking about the long summer ahead. I only had a few months left to decide my A-Level subjects and what career path I wanted to follow. I was absolutely terrified because I had no idea! All I knew was that I was interested in STEM subjects.

So, I started searching for work experience opportunities. It was a mission; because of the pandemic, so many people were working from home and there just weren’t any opportunities. So, then I started searching for virtual work experience programmes. But so many of the programmes I found were expensive, or I couldn’t attend because of my school schedule. However, Springpod was different and stood out from the rest. I was amazed at the variety of subjects/occupations available and the flexibility of the programmes so I signed up for the engineering course immediately! Plus, it was free!

I didn’t know what to expect from the programme, but I really enjoyed it. The live webinars were my favourite because it was fantastic having the opportunity to ask questions to the professionals, and it made me realise that chemical engineering is the path for me.

I highly recommend Springpod to others because the courses are in-depth, filled with tasks and quizzes which really helped reinforce my understanding of the subject. Springpod is useful for everyone, whether you’re trying to find work experience for your CV, or just want to take part in degree tasters.
As someone who had no idea what career path they wanted to follow, the range of opportunities offered by Springpod certainly helped me narrow it down. Springpod unlocked my passion for chemistry and maths.

My work experience had also reminded me to never say never. As a child I hated maths and I was scared of it. I would come home crying every day as I didn’t like doing my maths homework. I didn’t realise how important maths was at the time and now it’s one of my favourite subjects. So, my advice to everyone is to always be flexible and keep an open mind on everything, if you have faith and confidence in your abilities and you can achieve your dreams.

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