Ambassador Stories: Seven top tips to start altering your future!

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December 3, 2021
How can I begin my story? First of all, my name is Louis Storey and I’m currently in Year 12 studying; English Literature, History and Spanish. My passions lie in literature, film and culture. I thrive when developing my academic knowledge around these appealing subject areas. However, my passion for such subjects has only been heightened by Springpod. Their academic taster sessions and virtual work experience programmes introduced me to the world of debate and broadened my set of analytical skills.

Now the interesting part, why I’m here and what helped define who I am…

I’m not going to recreate some inspiring X Factor story. I believe that my story is inspiring because I am just an ordinary 17-year-old boy from the East Midlands and unlike most, I love having a clear plan/path for the future. From Deputy-Head Boy of my secondary school to Chair of the Student Management Team within the Sixth Form, my resilience has kept growing!

Springpod is perfect for someone like me and has improved my confidence and character. This is because Springpod creates a world of academia, knowledge and experience that no one can ignore. The responsibilities I have as Chair are vital for the students within the Sixth Form as it gives me a chance to guide them to their end goals and I always recommend Springpod to them, it’s fantastic, you can’t go wrong!

If you ever get offered an opportunity from them, then please do take it. Never hesitate to start altering your future. My Top 7 tips:

  • Always say “Yes” to any opportunities that have been offered to you
  • Always be yourself 
  • Always focus on yourself first - it’s not selfish, it’s smart
  • Always think about your decisions and the consequences that may follow 
  • Always consider every career pathway before closing off other options 
  • Always offer to help those in need 
  • Always check Springpod if you want to shape your future

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