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How Can Springpod Support Subject Teachers and Leaders?

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November 15, 2023
Here at Springpod, we know that working in education can be extremely rewarding but it can leave you stretched for time. Our outreach team is made up of career leads and teachers so we understand what school life can be like. We thought it might be useful to compile a list of how Springpod can easily complement your existing practice all whilst enriching the lives of the students you serve.

1. Enhancing Subject Knowledge

When teaching post 16 students - or even particularly enthusiastic 13-15 year olds - you may find that you want your students to discover your subject more broadly but also in more depth. In our Subject Spotlights we have partnered with university academics and experts across a range of subjects to make complex and interesting topics accessible and engaging. By participating in these experiences, it can really enhance your student’s subject knowledge. They can do this super-curricular wider reading all for free and they can access it instantly. As an example, you could set one experience task as homework and then follow up with a lively and in-depth discussion.

2. Enriching Parent/Teacher communications

A common question I was often asked in parent/carer meetings was ‘what more can we do?’ As an English teacher, my advice was always to ‘read widely’.  This advice wasn’t limited to reading books. It also included exploring different mediums like relevant podcasts, lectures, exhibitions and other super-curricular activities. This is where Springpod comes in - you can guide students and their parents/carers to our free multimedia, immersive, bite-size experiences which can enrich their understanding of your subject whilst helping them to make informed decisions on their future.

3. Connecting Learning to Careers

When planning out schemes of work, you may be asked by your careers lead to highlight the relevance of your subject to career pathways and future opportunities to evidence Gatsby Benchmark 4 LinkingCurriculum Learning to Careers.  By encouraging your students to access Springpod experiences they will be able to discover more careers related to your subject and students will start to seethe relevance of their subject to different pathways and roles.

4. Supporting Absent Students:

For various reasons, sometimes students are unable to attend class. It could be an idea to set an absent student a particular experience on Springpod. Getting a student started with our Virtual Work Experiences and our Subject Spotlights can  help students to learn more about industries and fields related to your subject whilst reflecting on their future options.

5. Effective Cover Work:

Setting cover is sometimes a tricky task.Guiding your students to a relevant Springpod experience as part of your cover work is a valuable way for students to use their time whilst you’re not present in the classroom. Students can spend their time independently navigating our platform and dig-deep into the experiences we offer.

6. Optimising Form Time:

If you are a form tutor, you may find that fully optimising the potential of form time can be a challenge.  You could use tutor time to get your students started on Springpod using their devices or in a computer room. It also offers you the chance to get to know the students in your tutor group a little more.

I hope this list has helped to spark some ideas on how Springpod couldbe used to enhance what you already offer your students. If you’d like to knowmore, or have a chat about Springpod you can email me here:

Further resources can be found here.

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