Scheduling success in your summer holidays

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June 27, 2022
You have just completed your exams and found yourself with a lot of freedom. No more routine, no more homework, and a lot more time. So what now? You've got 10 weeks off, but how do you want to fill it? I'm going to share my top tips on how you can make this a fun, productive period and keep any potential boredom at bay!

What to do in your summer holidays?

Rest – exams and the school year can be pretty tiring, so the summer is a great chance to re-energise yourself, and this means putting an emphasis on your physical and mental health. Take some time to escape, chill and wind down. Find a tranquil space (or make one!); it could be your garden, a local park, or a friend's house. 

Fun things to do in the summer holidays

Create a bucket list – either collaborate with friends on Notes or independently plan a set of activities that you may want to do over the summer. This way, you'll never run out of activities, and you finally have time to achieve those wishes you may have put aside. Your bucket list could include things like:

  • a trip to an amusement park, 
  • a games night, 
  • attend a festival,
  • camping trip,
  • picnics,
  • summer fairs, 
  • visiting an exhibition.

Online courses for the summer holidays

Set a goal – again, this is when you can work towards a long-term aim which is perfect for self-development. You could learn a new skill like sewing, cooking or dedicate some time to reading. You could take an online course like a MOOC or Future Learn modules in a subject in which you are really interested which might help extend your knowledge for further studies eg, the Imperial Maths Course. Also, completing them now can help you save time later, as you can reference this self-directed development in your personal statements, cover letters or CVs.

Part-time jobs in the summer holidays

Get a part-time job – funding a lifestyle over the summer is not an easy business, so why not look around for a temporary job? Search local cafés or supermarkets in your area, as well as holiday camps or agency jobs looking for extra people to help run festivals or sporting events over the summer. Not only do you earn a bit of extra dough, but you can gain some experience and possibly be able to continue the job after summer. There are loads of job boards; some of the best for part-time work are LinkedIn, Indeed, or Constellation.

How to get work experience in the summer holidays?

Work experience – in ten weeks, you'll be able to find loads of work experience opportunities, whether that's virtually or in person. Ask shadow professionals you look up to or ask your teachers if they have any contacts in industries you're interested in. If you're looking for virtual opportunities, Springpod's always up and running with loads of live and on-demand programmes, giving you flexibility around your summer.

Once you venture out into the working world, there aren't many 2-month breaks available (sigh!) so take some time to think about what you want to achieve; if it's pure rest, relaxation and enjoyment, then build your bucket list. If you want to set yourself up for university and start adding activities to reference in your personal statement, then think about courses and goals that might help you get there. If an apprenticeship is up your street, think about work experience opportunities that show you've got what it takes. 

Throughout school, you are constantly against the clock - so the summer holidays provide a big chunk of time to learn about yourself, your interests and who you are. Use this sample calendar to schedule in activities for your summer of success.

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