What to Take to an Apprenticeship Interview (Besides Your A-Game)

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February 23, 2021

So you've found out how to apply for a degree apprenticeship, submitted a killer application, wowed employers with your resume, and got the thumbs up that they wants to meet you - Nice one!

Now comes the next bit: acing the interview!

This might seem like the hardest part but it’s worth remembering three things:

  • They already think you can do the apprenticeship - they wouldn’t bother meeting you if they didn’t!
  • They think you’d be a great fit
  • They’re not looking for a reason to not hire you!

Essentially they want to make sure what you’ve written on paper matches with the real-life you. Easy, right?

So, what should you take to an apprenticeship interview?

Here are six things that you should definitely take with you to the apprenticeship interview to keep up that great first impression:

Your Identification and academic transcripts

You might need ID to prove you are indeed you, and if there’s security (you never know!) it’s always a good idea to make sure you can vouch for yourself! Don't forget to take along those academic transcripts - some employers may require to see the originals.

A Copy of Your Application/Resume

And make sure you’ve read over and revised everything that you wrote in the first place! It might have been a few months ago now and you don’t want to get caught out with a question about a work experience placement that you wrote and can’t remember now. Taking along a copy will show you’re prepared and have something to refer to if you need to refresh your memory.

Your Cleanest Clothes and Shiniest Shoes

Youcan leave the full tuxedo or ball gown at home, but make sure you spend sometime preparing your outfit. Never underestimate how much looking the part canhelp your confidence and create that important first impression. Oh, and whileyou’re at it - give those shoes a polish!

A Notebook and Pen

Beforeany interview (and we mean any - nomatter how confident you feel) make sure you do some research. Make some notesof the key things you find in a notebook and take this with you - again it’s agreat reference point and demonstrates you’ve done your preparation fully.

Some Questions to Ask

Absolutely essential if you want to keep up that great impression! Employers love it if you’ve prepared a few questions to ask. Just make sure they’re not focused around pay, holidays or any other benefits you think you want to know about! Keep them focused on the reason you’re there: ask about your team, the projects you might work on, and how previous apprentices have progressed within the company (and that’s just to start!).

A Smile

Everybody,and we mean everybody (even us hereat Springpod) gets nervous before an interview. It can be really stressful! Butdon’t let your nerves get the better of you too much. Remember to relax thoseshoulders and think about your facial expression - a smile goes a long way tohelping you feel more relaxed.

Oh, and one last thing - always take anything the employer specifically asks you to take with you!

Well there you go - a short checklist of what to take to an apprenticeship interview. Remember - these meetings really are just about the employer getting the chance to meet you and know you a little better, so relax, be your charming self, and we reckon you’ll do just fine.

Good luck!

(Psst - if you'd like to get a headstart on what life as an apprentice is like, you may want to take a peek at our handy degree apprenticeship guide which features some fantastic insights.)

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