Building a path to success: A step-by-step guide on how to apply for an apprenticeship

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February 15, 2024
Apprenticeships are a great, practical route to an exciting career. We already talked about how to find one, so now let's chat about how to apply for one. In this guide, we'll help you go through the steps of applying for an apprenticeship. We'll share tips to make it easier for you to get the apprenticeship you really want.
1. Research opportunities and match your CV to them

We covered this in our blog about how to find the right apprenticeship. Take some time to look at all the apprenticeship options out there. Check out ‘Find an apprenticeship' which is an online government service which allows you to search, save and apply for apprenticeship opportunities. In addition to this dedicated platform you can also check out company websites, job boards, and places that list apprenticeships in the field you like. Think about what industries interest you and where you see yourself growing. You can start your search on Springpod: 

Then create a CV that talks about your skills, education, and any experiences you've had. TMake small changes for each application you make to match your CV to what the apprenticeship is looking for. Write a tailored cover letter saying why you're excited about the apprenticeship and how you're the perfect fit for the job.

2. Get your school records together

Make copies of your school certificates and any other papers that show what you've learned. Some apprenticeships might want to see your grades or certain classes you took, so it's good to have these papers ready.

3. Create an online presence

In the digital age, having a good online profile can make you stand out. Make a profile on LinkedIn -  put in your skills, experiences, and what you want to do. Some employers might check your social media, so be mindful about what you share.

5. Fill in the application form

Take your time to fill out the apprenticeship application form. Pay attention to the details and make sure everything is correct. Explain how your skills, attributes, and experiences make you the right person for the apprenticeship. Find a comfy spot and take your time with each part of the form.

6.Get ready for interviews

If the employer likes your application, they might want to chat with you. Learn about common interview questions and practice your answers. Be ready to talk about why you want the apprenticeship, what you know about the opportunity, and how you would be a good fit for the role. We have an article that dives deeper into this, and you can check it out here.

7. Keep trying and be open

Getting an apprenticeship might not happen right away, and that's okay. Stay determined, learn from each try, and think about other opportunities that match your goals. Keep improving your application by incorporating feedback and be open to different paths. 

How to apply for an apprenticeship 

Applying for an apprenticeship is a big step toward starting a successful career. By following these steps, you're not only showing what you can do but also proving that you're ready to learn and grow. Remember, it might be competitive, but each step brings you closer to reaching your dream future.

To find out more about apprenticeships, visit the new Skills for Life website.

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